AF Rewards received!

FIrstly, thanks Chad! The dopp kit and sling bag were actually better quality than I thought. water bottle is also pretty nice

Dopp kit even came with clippers, small mirror, and toothbrush holder. I’m going to use it on my very next trip.

Contribute well everyone, the rewards are worth it. But once you got the points and make a request for the items: be patient! it takes weeks before you receive them.

Here, take all my envy

So, which item is the best value out of the AF catalog?

I hope mine arrive soon.

iteracom did you get points deducted? Not sure if you did, or just have a lot.

No, that was a question I asked myself. The points system is not a currency system. As your points grow, you get the free item as you reach the new points required level.

You don’t lose points, and don’t “spend” points getting the item.

I like the Dopp kit. The sling bag will take some getting used, I’ve always used a double strap

That reminds me… I need to hire an intern to login and post all day like iteracom & B-Chad.

Maybe I’ll try to make 10 posts a day for a year, that’ll get me up there.

Also, for like 100,000 points you should get something cool like defaulted Lehman bond or some FB stock.

Much more fun to have the intern do your work while you post all day.

Does that mean with 2500 points I can get T-shirt, koozies, cards, bag, water bottle, dopp kit all at once?

Where do I sign up?

Ah. Forget it. It’s only for US residents.

Yes. but as you said: only US residents

I have an uncle living in the States. Can I ship it there and then pick it up when I visit? Are you sure it’s resident or address?

I need to get my posting on

I would think that’s just fine

I can ship to a U.S. address, residency is not required.

I sent you an email Chad