AF Saved My Life

I have no idea of how i got to know this forum but i would like to credit it for the input of passing my first 2 levels in the programme. Logging in and seeing how much intellectually inferior i was to the majority of AF members gave me a wakeup call and more importantly spurned me into action as i also wanted to be ‘smart’. The resources available here are immense if put to good use e.g i got introduced to the concept of Schweser as a LI candidate after being here among other useful tools. I do not fathom the pain of endurance i would have gone through by trying to study the CFAI material solely.

Now that that’s out of the way, I self declare myself as a senior citizen on AF, the view from the CFA Level III candidate corner is a good one. Congrats to everyone who made it

I completely agree with you. This forum made me realized there are many amazingly smart people around. I know I’m not one so I should put the extra effort to pass my Level 2 exam.

Good luck to all takers!

one of the highlights of AF . Chances are, something that’s stumping you if probably more difficult then average, and therefore will stump someone else. In L3 it gets even better, because there are whole threads that discuss past AM’s and why/how answers are correct and wrong. Great resource when you do those as practice