AF V3.0 Sucks

WTF is up with this new layout? Am I on shrooms or does everyone else see this?

This format sucks bad.

Please voice your displeasure here:

I mean, jesus christ, the page doesn’t even fit on my screen anymore. I hit “Account” to see if I can change the color scheme and I can’t even open my account page.

First the fucking profanity filter and now this.

I see it. It just happened. I am hoping it is a temporary glitch.

This belongs in the feedback forum. A format update doesn’t mean we act like animals and allow chaos to run wild like a band of hooligans, you of all people should know this STL.

Agree on the prophanity filter, this shit fucking sucks ass.

^ This is Water Cooler, AKA the place where topics run wild, chaos abounds, where normally respectable individuals give into a mob mentality protected by internet anonymity and act like a wild band of hooligans.

Right, but it’s not the Feedback Forum.

holy moly it just reverted back.

Looks like the glitch has been fixed.

I kept reloading the page on my desktop, thinking the page wasn’t loading correctly Hahaha

dang now H*****W is censored dafuq

Another victory for the Feedback Forum.

I don’t see any difference??

I linked to my thread in the Feedback Forum homie, chill. Just had to drive some awareness. All is well now. Except that profanity filter. You can visit my thread in the feedback forum on that topic as well. It’s pretty obvious which one it is.