AF V3.0

Overall the style looks good. A few things that were probably intentionally left out but I’d like to see them back:

Country (yes, I know I can click on the member’s profile but having it in each post just makes things easier)

Credentials - It’s helpful to know if someone is a L1 candidate or a Charterholder, especially in the CFA forums when asking for help

Points - I don’t really care about this one, but I don’t recall a time when it was abused (i.e. "shut up noob. You only have 43 AF points!). Both the points in each post and the top 10 posters of all-time…seems like an unnecessary omission.

And what about different themes? I liked the darker theme in the last version. Maybe I’m missing the option, but I don’t think we have the ability to change themes anymore.

Thanks for the feedback. I will see what we can do to make this easier to access. Regarding the themes, this new theme has a lot of the elements of the old “dark” theme so we only have one theme now. What did you like about that theme?

^I don’t mind the new theme. It is very similar to the old one. I was just wondering if I was missing out on any options.

Another thing - the reply box (what I’m typing in now) is very short making it hard to read something you’ve quoted above or what you’ve written just a couple lines up. Could you look into changing the height?

Certainly. I can see how the editor should be larger by default. Note that you can expand it by selecting the bottom right corner until the change is made.

The primary reason for the new design is to make AF easier to use on mobile devices. The old version was pretty cumbersome on an iPhone. This new design is responsive in that it will automatically re-size to fit the smaller screen.

Ah, I didn’t notice that. Would be nice if it was larger by default, but this is a nice feature.

God I love the Feedback Forum.

I actually totally agree with these.

  1. CFA status is actually quite important, especially in the CFA level forums. There are countless threads that appear to offer advice or study tips, and I would put a far greater weight on a passed L2 guy than a L2 candidate. ALso, I would put greater weight for career advice from a charterholder vs a L1 candidate. etc. etc. If you elimiinate all of that, how do you even know if it’s a L1 candidate saying it?

  2. Points is sort of like a badge for longer AF vets here, of course it doesn’t physically do anything, but it’s always great to know who are the bigger contributors over the years. I think this should be brought back.

  3. Country I care least about, but it actually still makes sense to include. Again, in the careers section, if someone talks about finding a job, the answer can vary hugely by country and there are still big differences in each city in the country.

Thanks for the quick fix. Looking good today.

Add back the erased features and this forum will actually improve :slight_smile:

The current one is on the Limbo right now.

We’re working on bringing back the user profiles into the post like they were in the old version. We may not add the country back into the profile but the points and exam levels will appear without requiring a click.

Search fxn?

Also, can we get a link to the General forum at the front page?

I see that they (points and exam levels) are back. Thank you.

The Feedback Forum is best Forum.

Liking the new changes, and speedy amendments. Nice work Admins

I’m not a mobile user normally. As I have a large phone, everything was displayed in normal website form. If that makes sense.

Anyway, now I can’t see the number of pages in a thread (I have to click through the whole thing). Getting to the last post is stupid crazy.

IDK - Seems like a step back when I’m mobile.

Hi Sweep the Leg,

Would you give some further information to describe what is happening on your device? I’m not able to reproduce what you seem to be describing. Do you not have the “Last post” button, or the “last” link in the page controls? Also helpful would be what mobile device model you are having the issue on, and if possible a screenshot or picture of the issue.

For reference, here is what it is supposed to look like at the top of a long multi-page thread. Is this not what you are seeing? The only difference for smaller screens should be that the page controls get stacked below the buttons instead of aligned to the right.

^That’s what I see once I click on a thread, but the WC home page just shows the subject and last poster. No # of pages or way to jump to the last post. So to reply to the last post in the NFL thread, I have to click on the topic which takes me to page 1, then click on last page.

Not a major issue but it just one more thing to do that I didn’t have to do before.

Different topic - To Chad: Still no voting system? Sure, us WC regulars would use it differently (and yes, possibly abuse it) but think of the advantages it would have in the test prep forums. Being able to upvote or downvote answers to questions would really help out the OP.

And we in the WC would get to downvote people we hate.

Win-win for everyone!

^ I would like to upvote this proposal.

Reddit fans? The upvote and downvote system is overrated and counterproductive in many ways. Many reddit sub-forums are filled with one dominant demographic and comments that make them question their worldview are downvoted into oblivion no matter how accurate and insightful.

This forum will be more susceptible to that from first impressions.

You’re only thinking of the WC though. A voting system in the test prep forums would act in a totally different way. When someone asks a question in the LII forum and gets several different answers, a voting system would work much better than cluttering up the thread with “what S2000 said” type replies.

In the WC, you’re right and that’s the point. There is still no way to control the daily trolling. It’s not horrible at the moment but it’s gotten out of hand (literally almost driving many of us to go to Reddit and start our own sub) a few times. It’s not like downvotes hurt anyone. They’re imaginary Internet points. The only thing a voting system could do is either discourage trolls or (my preference) hide the post if it falls below a certain threshold. That - just that - would solve the trolling problem.

Also, keep in mind most subreddits are created for like-minded people, so of course those comments that don’t fall inline with the rest of the community are downvoted. The WC is more diverse than that. Would liberals get downvoted more often? My guess is probably, but that’s only because most people in finance are fiscally conservative (and dislike regulations). So, it makes sense for our community. However, I do have faith in the WC community and believe if a person’s intentions are good (i.e. they make thoughtful contributions that raise good points) they wouldn’t get downvoted into oblivion simply because their opinion is unpopular. As it stands right now, we have a few threads that are a couple dozen pages long that should have ended a day or two after they began. Instead the same four people fight with each other and that’s counterproductive.

If you have a better idea, well, this is the Feedback Forum.

I downvote the upvote proposal. I think all posters add unique insight that is worthy of consideration, and oppose any attempts to censor said insights.