Affiliate Member- Worth it to pay the $425?

Just passed the 3rd level but shy of the work experience…anyone have any thoughts on if it’s worth it to pay the $425 now to become an affiliate member?

I wouldn’t…you would be paying for the next X years to have the same status as someone that passed level 1. Saying you passed all 3 levels carries much more weight than affiliate status.

Yeah- I agree. Seems like a lot of money with the only benefits being jobline, access to the member database and the CFA magazine.

I did it for a couple of years, but it was so I could get on the local society’s mailing list and get a discount to their events. I was able to network at the society events and land a job, so I did get some benefit from it.

Ba ha ha, this is such a joke for someone like me. Montana doesn’t even have a society, I go to the Spokane Society’s event here once a year so the extra 10 bucks doesn’t really hurt too bad compared to the $400 per year that I don’t have because I just had to sign up for Level III again. What a scam!!! I’ll gladly pay my dues when I get the mother effin charter, but till then, CFAI aint gettin a single more dime outta my broke ass wallet. Economy sucks!!