AF's Sink Story makes businessinsider article..


Second to the last one is our sink story, and the last one is the fake followup story, they still posted it haha

some of them are pretty funny, a couple sound fake though

Thanks for the laughs, could use some today.

I still laugh every time I read that.

LOL, story about qqqbee didn’t make it :frowning:

lol saw that. I thought they were quoting some of you guys initially but the link is ~2011. pretty cool nonetheless.

The story about the driver’s license is BS.

^ You clearly haven’t read the threads here in the week leading up to the exam. “Will they take my Indian passport that doesn’t have my name on it?”

^ no clue what you are referring to. Although I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of smart people lack common sense.

As a wiseman once told me common sense isn’t too common.

The sink story is legendary.

Best 2 posts ever on AF and one of the funniest things I have ever read in a forum.

Terminator is still my favourite AF post

I think I was googling CFA stories after passing all 3 exams, read the sink story, and that’s how I found out about analyst forum.

I have always suspected that someone or multiple people on AF are spies/narks for the media or for CFAI. This article further reinforces my theory. It could be anyone, but if I had to guess, I would say it’s edupristine or cpk.

^ I don’t think it’s a secret that CFAI has spies here. I would claim that I’m not one of them, but that would make people suspect me.

of course, considering CFAI has literally cited AF in at least a couple of their Code of Conduct violations

You dont’ even need a login to spy on people here.

I think the question is not whether there are spies, but who is the spy. mk17, you are trying to deflect the suspicion to the public? This is quite suspicious…

I think the “Islamic Finance” thread in the “CFA general section” is/will surely attracting/attract investigation by some outside stimulus.

Terminator was not OC. It is from craigslist back in 2004 or something.

I’d go one step further, the spy could be using multiple handles.