After 4 years away from the CFA exams

Hello Prof Colleagues,

I took the CFA level 3 exams in 2014 but didnt make it and i have not being able to retake the exam again ever since due to other commitments.

I am now planning to sit for the exam again in 2019 June but i am still struggling with the fear of being away for so long.

I need all the help i can get and encouragement i can get now

Please, any advice on where and how i can start my preparation?


I would leave ethics for last.

Start with behavioral biases, derivatives, pvt wealth, institutional, capital markets, asset allocation, derivatives again, currencies, FI, Equity, Alts, last 4 chapters in order This way made the most sense to me. Derivatives comes up in almost all study sessions. Made most sense to get it done first so that you can breeze through the rest.

How: open a curriculum book and start reading.

Where: someplace that’s not too comfortable, so that you don’t fall asleep.

You’ve come so close. Let’s finish this journey and don’t let all that suffering in L1 and L2 go to waste.

Having lost the momentum is tough but you can do it.

I suggest working through BF by the New Year, then dig in for the stretch run.

I took 8 years off and I am now on the cusp of the coveted CFA. See below.

Advice - never quit.

2003, December: Level 1 Pass

2004: Level 2 Fail (before bands were calculated)

2005: Level 2 Fail (before bands were calculated)

2006: skipped year - Army War College

2007: skipped year - Army War College, received Master in Strategic Studies

2008: skipped year - life

2009: skipped year - life

2010: skipped year - life

2011: skipped year - life

2012: skipped year - life

2013: skipped year - life

2014: Level 2 Fail, band 6

2015: Level 2 Fail, band 10

2016: Level 2 Pass

2017: Level 3 Fail, band 4

2018: ???

^ Wow, you are patient!!! I hope you get good newsl!!!

OP: Start early if you can: you might need to ease into the whole study routine.

Similarly, I would suggest starting with Behavioral Finance/Biases. I was planning to leave Ethics for last and ended up leaving the whole book for last and I noticed throughout the curriculum, especially at the beginning, there were multiple references to behavioral finance curriculum which I was not getting simply because I didn’t read it first.

Wow…You’re really a long term investor.