After Exam Paranoa RED CRAYON Syndrome

This is just an inquiry… But during the exam I went to the bathroom twice. When you go to the rest room you have to hand over your exam and take your admission ticket… During the afternoon session, after I came back from the restroom, I was handed back my exam and answer sheet, and I noticed a red crayon mark that was not there before. Do the proctors have a secret way of keeping track of you going to the restroom… why would there be a red crayon mark on top of my answer sheet after I came back from the restroom? I know I did not CHEAT and i finished like 1.5 hours … so I put my pencil down already before time was called… Did anybody else have similar situation as me?

Are you sure the Crayon mark was RED in color? I am sorry… Just start revising slowly, the 2nd time won’t take much time though.

i guess the report card, trafffic light, and blood in mouth colors correlate to being a pessimist. you trying to lead me to my AFTER life gamma? see me top headlines tomorrow morning

Didn’t happen to me…

If you did not cheat, then there should be nothing to worry about. Going to the bathroom is not a crime.

someone in the other forum said it might be due to the carboning of the bubble sheets? he/she said that it happened to him twice before…?