After passing level 3

Hi Guys,

I have search through the forum but it seem like nobody really know what to expect after passing level 3.

For those that have already received the title, can i know if you will receive the ceritficate after passing level 3 or you must become a regular member before receiving the certificate.


Yes, work experience + paid membership dues + pass all three + wait a month or two and you will be officially deemed a charter holder in an email

I received word from cfai that you don’t need to wait for email to use designation but as soon as your status on the website changes to where your name is Xxxx Xxxx, CFA then it’s official. Which can happen before an email goes out.

so confusing, I thought you had to wait for that email before you could use designation…? do you have that email from cfai?

I have an email from CFAI that says as soon as your profile on the website has “CFA” after it, you can use. Dont have to wait for any written correspondence. So keep checking.

I already ordered my business cards though. It takes a couple of weeks or sometime more to print and delivered so hoping by the time they come, CFAI email would have updated their site.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Does cfa institute give you anything else besides an email stating you are officially a charter holder? Maybe a piece of paper with your name on it or something…

Uh…do you mean besides the charter itself?

i bet it happens around the same time the email gets sent out. Still no love from CFAI. I[ve been checking.

They are in “graduation” hiatus until Sept 4. So enjoy the rest of summer. You can totally forget the words immunization and CPPI now.

Basically the CFAI board needs to meet and sign off on the granting of the charter to all of those that have met the requirements. The board typically meets very early in September (last year it was 1 Sept). Usually the next day the charters are granted and the website updates your name to have a CFA at the end.

You are not allowed to use the designation before this, even though you’ve met all of the requirements.