Age of CFA Level III candidates

What is the average age of Level III candidates awaiting results? I hear most earn the charter by age 28, but I’m already 29, and of course still waiting on my level III results.

30…spent my mid 20’s on an MBA in Finance before realizing that the CFA carries much more weight in my line of business (PM for bank WM And Trust group)…



Well, there is obviously some dispersion around the median age. If you’re in your late 30s, that starts to get unusual. Otherwise it’s in the normal range.


so I am old - 44.



circa 12,400 days.

turned 29 on exam day

=yearfrac(“DOB”,“Today”,1) = 28.43


will turn 37 just before results are sent out

33 4 years of undergrad 2 years of graduate (MSc) 4 years actuarial exams (ASA) 3 years CFA exams 9 years married 4 kids no more studying: priceless

turn 28 august 17th…gonna be the BEST or the WORST birthday of my life. no inbetween.

32 and ready to put studying behind me for good.