Age/Position/Salary/City ?

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Wow that blows kid

I know :slight_smile: Work visa (H-1B) was holding me back but just received my green card so I’d like to know what I could potentially be earning…

I’m a little camera shy so can’t discuss my big league numbers

I don’t think you want to know.

that bad…huh?

You are doing fine buddy. There would be a selection bias of who chooses to disclose. Just focus on improving from where you are at

I wouldn’t worry about what others are making because every situation is unique and it depends on which industry you work in as a Senior Financial Analyst as well.

Keep improving yourself, not just academically, but networking, expanding your knowledge outside of finance, taking up hobbies that could help you in your career progression (ie. I took up golf this year).

Money will come if you become a desirable employee, whether its at your current firm or somewhere else.


This feels like a trap, a la old AOL chatrooms.


Spread is wide. Some people here earn 1mm++, some earn $10 at McDs

I think glassdoor is the way to go if you want to see avg salary by job title/geographic region…

The question that really matters happens to be missing from your post title… And just speaking for myself here, the answer to that question is… 10 inches.