Age roll call ?

Dont think this has been done in a while.

So lets have it!

I am 30

30… 3 years away from the happiest year of my life!


new member here studying for level 1…24

a gentlemen never tells…


28…going on 29 this year



Prefer to give a range, 'cuz I’m all conspiracy theorist. 25-30 range.


Apr 23rd, 2012 8:14am

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a gentlemen never tells….

" A bender never tells."

25 - 36

Ah, the final bit of information I needed.

I stopped keeping track after I turned 25. That was the last of the landmark birthdays. At 25 you’re able to rent a car. It’s a pretty big deal. Right up there with turning 21. The next important age isn’t until 59 1/2.

25, I get newbie points. Yay newbies points!

my range is


no seriously 30-30


never thought I’d live this long, hah!

Hooray I’m the youngest so far, 23 (well in a month or so).

Sometimes I still have the gut reaction to blurt out 21 whenever somebody asks my age since I was 21 when asked for about 4 years. haha.