Aggregate demographic details for CFA candidates

Have CFAI ever published aggregate demographic details (Age, country, experience years, pre/post MBA and such other) for candidates at various levels of the program / charterholders?

Or is anybody aware of a poll or data available on this forum in an old thread for the above?

they should…it would be interesting to know… plus I’d like to see more chicks doing it as it will make it easier for me to find one I’ve always fantasized cool

I’m sure I’ve seen some data about the global switch in CFA candidates, maybe on here but I think it was actually a slide that a schweser tutor put up back when I was doing level 1 that showed that the vast majority of candidates are now from asia. he was using the slide to illustrate that the 35% level 1 pass mark isn’t as terrible as it sounds because a lot of people sitting the exam are doing it in a 2nd language and trying to rote memorise stuff.

ah, the good old days of level 1…

I think some of this is collected by 300hours in their results analysis, but I don’t think it covers Betelgeuse

gringo bob if you are implying that it is the low pass rate in asia that drags down the average passing rate you are wrong

as a matter of fact asian exam takers(most of them coming from China and India) have very strong exam skills and they actually raise the standard and make candidates from other regions find it harder to pass. English is not a big problem until level 3 for most of them, especailly indians.

English is my second language and I find it all right – passed both my level I and II at the first attempt,

speaking from my own experience only 1 out of 10 chinese fail their CFA level I exam. if you failed CFA i people will think you are a retard, i m sorry but people are cruel

This info is somewhat covered in the compensation analysis reports that get published by various CFAI societies every year. I remember going through a bunch of such reports last year… general theme was that the average age of Charterholders is 40. I don’t remember the numbers, but as expected, the program is a huge sausage fest… dominated by males.

just like in finance lol of course it’s a sausagefest. Damn 40 years of age is pretty high, I’ll be 28 when I get mine XD, but I’m guessing you are not talking about what age they actually got their charters?

Pretty sure he cited that example to illustrate how the growing international candidate base probably draws the pass rate down. I would absolutely agree. I am a natural English speaker, and it’s still challenging to wrap my head around some of the concepts. I cannot imagine having English as my second language while studying through this curriculum. I just hope that some newer, more prestigious designation doesn’t catch on that is only given in Mandarin Chinese or something. Then I’m screwed.


I would be thrilled to see that day coming…

I am a mandarin native speaker

if you read my post again you’ll notice that it was my level 1 tutor making that implication and not me.

Do the forum rules over here at AnalystForum allow you to post a survey? I read the Community Rules and I couldnt find anything on this area except that one is not allowed to solicit email addresses.

If yes, I’ll design a quick survey and post on the forums here. Later I’ll share the raw and analyzed results with everybody.

I guess the results will be useful on multiple fronts for all of us.

Suggestions welcome.

While this would be a good start, it definitely is not representive of the CFA Candidate/Charterholder population. AF would probably enjoy seeing a demographic of its users, though.

This has been attempted in the past. Without much success. Plus you’ll always have people here trolling any surveys posted “for fun.”

relax I was just trying to start a discussion instead of accusing you of anything