Ah, no clocks allowed

Unfortunate timing, my watch has just died, and I see from the CFAI website that small alarm clocks are not allowed. Aaaaahhhhhh.

what a coincidence, me too, hope there will be a large clock in the room

no clocks but anouncements evey 30 minutes…2hrs left…1 1/2 left… etc

maybe enough

I can’t use half-hourly annoucements. I like to know question by question how I’m doing for time. I’ve read too many posts about people not finishing last year to take a chance. Off to see if I can find a man who does watches…

Out of interest, how are people timing their am exam? I am resetting my watch stopwatch every question…otherwise I seem to lose track

All sorted. With the morning section I’ve been adding the minutes up as I go. It takes a couple of seconds, but is useful when trying to plan where you are.

just go buy a $10 watch.

I can’t take mine off me. Its permanently attached. Oh wait, you said clocks.