Ah, the joys of teaching . . .

I’m grading first-semester accounting quizzes today and one of the students came up with a new account, one of which I’d never heard before: Account Placebo :wink: (No, you don’t get extra credit for figuring out what he really meant.)

Damned autocorrect!

Since I am not foregoing any extra credit, did he mean Receivable or Payable or something else?


Hey, there’s money in them thar placebos!!! Who’da thunk???

Receivable, I suspect.

(It doesn’t really matter: the answer wasn’t remotely correct no matter what he meant.)


Ever have to sign someone’s prison release form?

Account placebo = suspense account (?) = an account used for psychological effect but has no real meaning.

Do you still use T accounts in first semester accounting?

^I don’t think T-accounts will ever go away. To put it in SAT-speak,

T-Accounts:accounting :: Drawing a timeline:finance

Oh Cali?


I hate accounting

Around the corner from the barn where we keep the horses lives a gentleman whose license plate reads:


Given that he used to have that on his Bentley, and now it’s on his Maserati, I suspect that he doesn’t hate accounting.

Reminds me of Leeson´s 88888 error account wink

or maybe he just likes to fly out of dulles IAD cool

See? That’s what’s wrong with this country. Some jackass who thinks “I a Ditup” is good grammer, when it’s “I am a Ditup”, drives around in a Maserati and guys like Greenie are drivng Fords. What the hell is a Ditup anyway?

so no?

^lol no respekt