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Hi guys, Hope all is good … I have finished economics so far and almost done with portfolio management … I’m going randomly with sections but I’m following what suits me the best I’m planning on studying AI next … For level 1, I spent around 1 month studying for 60% of the exam and spent also another month just doing AI from textbook … I really felt that AI in CFAI textbooks were written very poorly and I wasn’t expecting to do well in exam till I read them from Kaplan … Kaplan describes AI in a very good way for level 1 … Before I waste much time reading it from textbook, does kaplan do enough with this section? for those who read both, how much would I miss by just depending on kaplan for AI? Omar

Omar - tell your peeps at Elan to get it together already. 100 days until the exam and they still have nothing to sell me.

I think that schweser is actually quite good for AI. I did AI from Schweser and also read some CFAI texts (Not all readings) I have not tried the EOC problems yet. For level 1 as far as I remember I studied most of the end of the chapter summaries and SS for AI section… gota above 70% in the exam :P. This strategy will definitley kill me on level II… What I am finding hard is after reading schweser even again and again it’s hard to do EOC problems for topics like Fixed Income some FI EOCs problems are just PITA. But for equity schweser was pretty ok and I did good on EOC problems.

you spent a whole month doing AI for level 1?

AndrewUNH Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you spent a whole month doing AI for level 1? Imagine that! I used to LITERALLY read one page everyday lol … it was a wasted month so I don’t count it usually :slight_smile: I got bored from the material from the first day and it was after one month of finishing 60% of the material so I guess I was just burned out by that time :slight_smile: I hate AI (although I got > 70% in level 1) so I don’t want the same thing to happen to me in level 2