AI - NAV Calculation

Can somebody post the formulas relating to NAV after and before distribution? I don’t have book with me at work

this should be right: NAV before dist. = Previous NAV after Dist + Capital Called In - Mgmt fees + Operating results NAV after dist. = NAV before Dist - Carried Interest - distribution

thanks man. Do you remember RPI, DPI etc?

RVPI is the value of holdings/invested capital (not yet distributed) DPI is the distributions /invested capital

thanks and good luck.

Any easy way to remember this stuff?

I think the DPI, RPI calcs are intuitive. as far as the NAV calcs are concerned, if you think of it in terms of Retained earnings (not a stretch ): NAV before Dist (End RE) = Prev. NAV after Dist (Beg RE) + Op. results (NI) - Mgmt Fees (Div) + New Capital (no analogy here) NAV after dist = NAV before Dist - Carried Int. - Distributions (by now you get the picture) hope I dont get it wrong on D-day :slight_smile: