AIG buyout ??

now im getting heat on the berry, anyone hearing this. sounds like a wild rumor - who the fu** would buy them?

It seems that they are following the LEH destiny… WTF…this is a domino effect!

Maybe GE buying something. Their stock is tanking.

lets go to mexico ya’ll.

LEH is the IKE hurricane More in the Atlantic–WAMU next week, AIG the week after then MER. Not sure about Wachovia. They are a ticking bomb. Anytime…

I will go first for MER…people are already putting they stock down…

This is nuts, if they all keep going down I am going to find a hut to live in on a beach.

I will go to the hawaii and I will open a bar on the beach…making mojtos!!

AIG still has a $47B market cap. I don’t know that there are pockets that deep left out there. Except for maybe the taxpayers again. Yikes.