I have never seen this kind of trading in my life.

Wow. Almost 1B shares today! I’ve never seen an individual company trade 1B shares in a single day. I watched it a lot this morning. Buying in @ 1.80 looked nice, I probably would have sold when AIG hit 4 today though.

Someone who bought low of 1.25 made a 270% profit in one day. Beat that you Charterholders.

Wooohooo shorted it at 6.20 yesterday. Waited 'til it was at around 2.75 and cashed in!

LOL! check out yahoo they don’t have a comma for the billion! I’m telling you were are in a new world now. Until the last few months I never EVER used the word Trillion. Now I use it all the time. Inflation my ass.

Just crazy!!

Madness! Over 1B shares traded now. The last 30 minutes of trading is going to be wild.

F@CK who bought at 1.25 -1.5?? Filthy rich in one day.

Probably someone with the exact same amount of brainpower as the schlump who bought FNM at $50?

louisvillegrad Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > F@CK who bought at 1.25 -1.5?? Filthy rich in one > day. Just wow. Someone 4 bagged it today.

Back down in the mid $3’s

Insane…this is purely a day traders market.


Its sad but true. Wall St. has become a giant casino. Fundamentals, Technicals dont mean sh!t. Pure daytrading casino.

Shares outstanding: 2.69B Vol: 1.05B nice

actuaryalfred Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Shares outstanding: 2.69B > Vol: 1.05B > > nice That is pretty amazing to get in touch with though…

e-trade et al likely made $10 per trade, 1000 shares each… that’s $10 mil for the brokers.