AIG Long

any of you guys getting long AIG??

Doubtful here.

Went up from 2 to 4 overnight…$8 next week?

louisville, looking at your posts, i think you’ve gotten lost and come to the wrong board. this is the ‘analyst’ forum. i think you’re looking for the ‘national enquirer fans’ board.

I mean it all boils down to whether you think AIG will survive and where will it be in 5 years? Could be huge potential right?

Sure it could be. Or it could be $0. Depending on your risk tolerance and time horizon it could definitely work.

long @ 3.75 i went to vegas, din’t gamble at all, so doing it here…

Small bets on things like AIG might make some sense, since there is probably a larger chance of pulling rabbits out of hats than we suspect; just realize that the chance of losing 100% is pretty high here, and act accordingly.

This seems like one an analyst ought to be able to lay out the case for. They got this loan from the gov’t and they need to sell off assets. What can they sell and what’s left over after they do? If it’s just laying down a random bet, that’s just not interesting.

Good point, Joey, I was just too lazy to do the analysis before posting. :slight_smile:

Me too. Get busy you lazy bustard,