Air conditioner

I thought I could make it through they week without installing my air conditioner. I’m not sure if I’ll make it. How ae you other Chicagoens dealing with the heat. I bet you have central air…bastards.

It’s not that hot. I’m in Chicago (well, the 'burbs) and haven’t had the air on yet this year. Buy a fan and open your windows. …and if that fails, I’ll turn on my central air : )

I have an extra fan if you want it pinkman, but you have to come to San Diego to get it? Interested?

OK…who was it last year that had the air conditioner issues?? Was that you pink

I live in the South Loop, just got home from the office (late night studying) and poped on the Central A/C. First time this year!!! Its muggy as hell outside…at least close to the lake.

I’m from Florida, so this is just nice weather. Open a window ladies.