airline prices going to fall before december?

with the price of oil decreasing, is this going to result in cheaper airline tickets? should i wait till closer to december before booking my vacation, or will they just be cheaper now? thanks.

whats the term… downward sticky?? but seriously- I’m not sure and wonder the same. From what I’ve seen some haven’t even cut the fuel surcharge.

A lot of airlines probably hedged their oil needs this summer and are still paying over $85 a barrel for their supply. Hopefully we’ll see travel prices drop soon, especially all of the ridiculous fees.

I just read an article about all these airlines cutting the fuel surcharge…and then adding 95% of that cost back into the ticket price, effectively eliminating any discount you would see. With that said, things change second by second…just make sure you have enough money to pay to fly your luggage along with you, some money for pretzels on the flight, a couple bucks for headphones to watch a movie, and of course money to donate to breast cancer by buying $10 of peanuts or something, or just poney up $50 when you get on board for some mini-shots of jack daniels so you pass out and dont realize how bad flights are. gosh they are killing me…

If we were to see changes from oil prices I would expect a couple months lag due to hedging. My thought is that with decreased air travel (slowing economy, corporations spending less…) prices probably will not decrease as quickly as we would hope.

Airlines in Canada have cut their fuel surcharge and they haven’t adjusted their prices upwards, so you’re seeing a true discount of ~$100 per round-trip flight. I think the more relevant question relates to what brianr pointed out, what will be the impact of decreased air travel on ticket prices?!

is there an index that tracks ticket prices??!

Supply has contracted substantially. It was $900 for me to fly Boston-Philly roundtrip since there is only one carrier (USairways). I think the drop in the number or routes/flights has pushed up prices.

I just purchased Charlotte-JFK for about $150 roundtrip…pretty sweet deal.