Airplane Drinking

haha. Last year, I was going on vacation the day after the office christmas party and had to be up at 8 am. Well I had the good sense to drink…eh…probably 1.5 bottles of wine by myself and not get home until 2 am. Once on my flight I was stuck next to 2 old people from Quebec. That may have been the worst flight of all memory, especially because I couldn’t have a bloody mary at the airport. Tired, hungover, and surrounded by francophones.Ugh.

Get yourself a small child to travel with and the volume restrictions no longer apply.

No. It’s not the money that sucks about drinking on a plane (though it’s still steep). It’s that they cut you off after 3-4 drinks. If I’m flying to Vegas for 3 hours, I’d much rather bring half a bottle of vodka in little plastic bottles (retail price ~$10) and get nicely toasted, than having to argue with the stewardess after paying $21 for my third weak ass bloody mary.

Yeah, but after I pour all my vodka down my son’s throat, how will I get it back?

For real? I’ve been about 8 drinks in and only stopped because we began descending. Stewardess didn’t look happy to keep on coming to me with my button pushed, but she never said no.

It all depends. I’ve had some that are cool and even scored some free drinks. Then there are others that look at you all stupid if you order a second drink. Like I have a problem just because I’m drinking multiple mixed drinks before 10:00 am?

I think the rule is that they cannot serve alcoholic drinks to passengers that appear innebriated. So, most likely, you looked ok, coherent, and not about to puke or whip it out. How did you hold in eight drinks? If it was me, I would definitely have to go pee several times.

Think mama bird, baby bird, but in reverse. Seriously though, I have 2 toddlers and am allowed to bring on as much milk, water, juice, etc. as I want. I doubt I could throw a bottle of vodka in the bag and be good to go, but a goodly helping of vodka poured into a 15 oz bottle of cranbury juice wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. I don’t really drink anymore though, so I’ve never tried it.

genius. I got to start doing this

who drinks bloody mary? straight vodka chase with beer

First class? What am I, the hired help? This is the only way I fly.

The major drawback to your plan is you actually have to have a kid with you. When that’s the case, I upgrade to xanax.

Yo Sweep. How old are yours? Are you still in the diapers stage? Or does it get worse once they’re out of diapers?

(My little girl is 2 yrs, 8 months, and she recently learned to use the potty. She’s little Miss Independent right now. Wants to do everything “by myself”.)

My youngest is almost out of diapers. Boys take longer, much longer.

Right after they’re potty-trained it’s almost worse because they constantly want to go to the restroom when we’re out. Then it obviously gets way, way better.