Airplane Drinking

So I was told a while back that there’s nothng wrong with bringing your own booze onto an airplane so long as it’s sealed, less than 3 oz., and in a quart sized bag with all the other liquids you’re carrying on. To me its make sense that TSA doesn’t care, but I’ve also heard that airlines sometimes have problems with this because a) they cant control how much you drink and b) they aren’t getting their 500% markup on alcohol.

Anyone here have expereince with carrying on a bunch of their own mini shots and getting sauced and/or run into issues?

I’m traveling tonight and plan on having about 3 or 4 jacks to get ready for the night when i land.

That’s a great idea! Can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner.

Report back.

Upgrade to first class and get the free drinks kid. BSDstyle. I was 12 deep when I landed on my last trip to vegas. I think the delta flight attendant was getting a little annoyed with my level of consumption.

As for TSA, I’ve brought 5 hour energies through without a problem. I would imagine you could pack your ‘toiletries’ bag with minibar shots and not get hassled.

I’ve considered it but never done it. TSA doesn’t care because it’s not against the rules. Alcohol is like any other liquid assuming it meets the size requirements. As for drinking on the airplane, you’re not allowed to consume alcohol that isn’t served by the flight attendants. Sure they’re not getting their money, but I’d guess its also against the law. It’s the same reason you can’t just roll up into a club, pull a bottle of grey goose out of your blazer, and throw it down on the table.

The FAA prohibits opening your own alcohol bottles on flights. However, it’s not like they will throw you in jail for doing this - the FAA doesn’t let you leave your cell phone on either, but they don’t punish you if you “forget”. It’s probably best to get the free non alcoholic beverages from the airline, so that you can use these as mixers to consume at your discretion.

I once went through security with an open pint of either Captain Morgan or Jack Daniels in a cargo shorts pocket. The TSA dude took it from me.

do it all the time brosky

For the results…

as expected TSA didn’t give a fu*k rolled right through and owned my sauce issues. Even got a couple looks along the lines of “that’s how to travel” from TSA. As for the flight it got delayed so I’d polished off 4 waiting in the terminal and only had one for the flight. Just drank it with coke and it was all good. Nobody said anything.

Good idea. Since I’m going to lose platinum status and it will be harder to get upgraded to business class, i might have to start doing this going forward.

You’ve materially changed my life. I’m off to CVS to buy several travel size containers and fill them with vodka.

Pay the seven dollars a drink. Worth it to separate yourself from the nineteen year old sneaking a flask into a game. HCBs will not be impressed with your foresight, and your ethics and integrity will be brought into question if you happen to sit next to a real BSD. No break for you and a poor cost/benefit analysis for sure… Are you still stuffing your pants with candy before the movie? Don’t be a pretender. If you can’t afford to ball, stay home and work on finding a new job. You don’t deserve it.

^ I’m rarely concerned with sitting next to somebody who matters when I’m in row 27 of a United flight. Usually more worried about their fat rolls pushing into me and falling over the armrest, or them smelling.

Well, I’ve gotten work and ass from people flying coach. I’ve had much better luck in business of course. Lots of overflow into economy and lots of fifty seaters coming into NYC from Canada and the northeast though. No business class. Hell, I’ve even seen Serena Williams in coach out of palm beach headed to DCA. If you don’t think opportunity might be around the corner and you want to leave your place looking and acting like a bum, that’s your business.

^you sure it was Serena? We don’t all look the same you know.

Whats it like being drunk on a plane?

It’s not like I plan on pouring vodka out of a travel size shampoo bottle and being a total loser. I’m always dressed well on planes. One of the most interesting people I’ve talked to on a plane was in a coach flight on United up to Chicago. Guy was the CFO of one of the largest privately held oil companies in the country. Cool cat. You can be sure I got his card!

@tj: being drunk on planes is fun. being hungover is awful.

She looks and plays tennis like no one else. Her mom and sister were in business. Wonder how she got the short straw. Younger sister maybe. Business obviously only had two seats available and maybe their jet had a mechanical. Actually, i’ve seen them at pbi a number of times. They live just north of palm beach. They do stand out. That is the truth. On another note, why don’t white people use “we” to refer to their own race? Is it that they don’t identify as being part of a homogeneous group? Do they feel the behavior of other whites and the general discussion of whites has no bearing on them as an individual?

Same reason why there are black/Hispanic/Asian clubs in college but no white peoples’ club.



A drink on a flight can be quite nice. Hungover on a flight is sheer brutality: I only ever did it once and I will never do it again!!! sad