Airport security better not go here

After the “underwear bomber” that didn’t detonate as planned, the US response to imrpove security was: full-body scanners. And now we have this: ““The former official told CNN that AIT body scanners would have little chance of detecting so called “body-bombs.” In summer 2009, al Asiri fitted out his own brother with a device designed to be inserted in his rectum…”” I don’t even want to know what the response to this will be. If we have to now bend over and…(oh the horror)… I will never fly again

If that happens I am leaving the country. There’s a line and that is way past it.

Edit: My guess is they can train butt sniffing dogs to detect such bombs. Dogs like sniffing butts anyway, so it’s basically a win / win.

^ Lol, maybe rookie dogs will start at the bomb-in-the-ass squad for a year or two to learn the ropes and keep their canine egos in check, and the best will be promoted to the drugs team. While detecting bombs is clearly more important for airport security, from the dogs’ perspective would be a career improvement to be coked up for free every day instead of smelling … bombs.

See, I would have thought it would be the other way around. Sniffing butts might be the coveted job duty after years service to the force. Besides humping legs and other dogs, there are few things dogs like more than sniffing butts.

I think these body scanners will go the way of the air puffers that they brought out and subsequently took away.

Or we could just profile. Clarkson was right.