Alabama shouldn't arm teachers because women, amiright??

"Alabama lawmakers need to protect “our ladies” and to do that, they should not arm teachers because most are women, argued State Rep. Harry Shiver, R-Stockton, this morning.

Most women, and women teachers in particular, “are scared of guns,” and should not be expected to carry them in classrooms, he said."

What a considerate individual who thinks of the needs of others.


To be fair he’s got a point.

Teachers with guns, gays in the military, women “scientists”, it’s like America stays up late at night thinking of the next dumb thing to try.

…and chicks for free.

Dire Straits

Lol you got a problem with females being scientists?

Nature has a problem with it. I just observe and report.

IDK what you’re referring to, in my field of specialty, biology, 52% of the phds awarded in 2009 were to females. Presumably its higher now. The skew in labs is real and readily observed. I don’t think you’re correct about that. Though it is possible that males tend towards a higher distribution at the ends of the bell curve in terms of iq, and in proclivity towards certain areas of science. But I’ve known female scientists in every field, and have known them to be fine at what they do.

That’s your sexist cult of progressivism discriminating against men for decades, so you can prove your false hypothesis, not nature.

What results is worse science (meritocracy 101, which you anti-science Marxists ignore, and use your activist “scientists” to make up more fake science).

What, pray tell, are you basing that sheer applesauce of an opinion of yours off of, PA?

Also your claim that women go in to STEM more because of some liberal agenda is patently false.

BTW, that was checkmate a post back kid.

Now you just move you piece back and forth desperately “more women are, no wait not more women, no wait…”. :grin:

Well you didn’t actually make a “checkmate” post, you just made a vacuous statement of your own opinion without anything to back it up, you ignored my evidence which was very much to the contrary but hey, you do you. I don’t expect you to consider anything thats not in accord with your very limited view of the world.

Actually, 3M yrs of data from anthropology and evolutionary biology is not “my opinion,” subjectivist cultist. :bulb:

You’re still in checkmate, but since you don’t acknowledge reason/science as being real, perhaps you are not? You’re just floating around in your own dream world bubble of post-structuralism.

Whats the over/under on PA’s thinking females are significantly mentally inferior and lesser as scientists being based on the fact that he was probably turned down by a female scientist once… hmm…

And no pa, you didn’t “checkmate” anything, you just made an angry statement of opinion based on nothing. Have fun with your insults and anger.

Margaret Hamilton in 1969, standing next to the navigation software that she and her MIT team produced for the Apollo project

Dodging the facts of evolutionary biology w/ ad hominem. Analytical fail.