Alan Greenspan: Stocks Are "Relatively Low" and Heading Upward

Well, if Greenspan says so…

well, as long as the FED keeps rates low and expects to do that… the equity markets still has room to run. It’s funny how that works. jobs are bleh. growth is eh, hanging in. HY and equities continue to roar.

^ I was talking with a coworker today about a midcap I cover that has racked up over 1B+ in losses the past couple of years. At 6/30 they had 1.3B of LTD and only 400M of equity, then proceeded to raise another 700M in debt later this summer at 7.5%. Open taps for HY companies.

yea. when HY finally comes down, it’ll crash hard. really hard.

Like I care what this senile hasbeen says…

In other news, I just got a model from a PE firm in Times New Roman 12. What a disgrace, I should courier a hacksaw there immediatly! Everyone knows Arial 10 is where it’s at. The young whippersnappers in my office are bent on Calibri 11, but back in the day of Excel 2003, Arial 10 was it.

Times New Roman 12, wtf.

ah yes. I must admit I myself have transitioned to the Calibri. Agreed that Times is messed up for a model. I dont even like it much in word.

^ Did you punt your 12C too then? You’re losing cred brah.

Calibri 11 is soooooo where its at bro (srs)

Slow day on AF, going to leave this quote here. Perhaps why we are likely to keep grinding upward for a while.

"Konstam, along with Nomura chief economist Richard Koo, believe the rise in interest rates sparked by talk of tapering quantitative easing from the Fed earlier this summer hindered the economy to the point where the central bank was unable to then justify its decision to taper later on based on the economic data. Koo calls this concept the “QE trap.” "

Pssh - real ballers use Wingdings.

no way. 12C is the sht, I’m still hanging on to that

When my boss says I need to make a statement more forceful, I just italicize everything.

When my boss says I need to make a statement more forceful, I just italicize everything.

Arial narrow?

Courier new, 10 here.

This is the slowest business day in AF history.

OMG I can’t believe we have a member of PUA Hate among us.

^ ha! I didn’t even notice, searched for it on google image. I need to start paying more attention. I posted a pic on facebook once and it was on someone else’s site, and the original url was stormfront, fml.

Oh phew! Crisis averted. If anyone, I’d expect Blake to be a PUA hate guy.