Anyone jumping off the wagon to help sooth exam time tension? I have to have two jack & cokes every night just to fall asleep. I bought a bottle of Jack Daniels on Monday and I’m 80% through it. I plan on finishing it off tomorrow after i take the 2006 exam.


I’m the exact opposite. During the CFA off-season I get board and often drink during the week. During the CFA I don’t touch alcohol.

Well Pinky i say we get hammard on Monday the 9th over at Rivers in the loop. You from Chicago right?

AFJunkie… Don’t feel bad. I need a little bit of the sauce to go to sleep as well. I just can’t manage to go to bed because all I do is constantly recite equations in my head.

studying for CFA has solved my alcoholism abuse… can’t wait for this exam to be over… i miss being intoxicated and not remembering anything…

im getting alchohol poisoning on saturday june 7 in the evening anyone from toronto wanna see a drunk ass wandering the streets ur welcome