Alec Baldwin's stalker

  1. She might be crazy, but I would still bang her.

  2. Alec’s wife is crazy if she thinks Alec has been faithful to her. If he didn’t bang the stalker (I believe he did), he did other women.

Couldn’t agree more brah. She has a Reese Witherspoon thing going on. I would tag that in a NY minute.


This also confirms my theory that girls with yorkies are crazy

Why is there a picure of Elle Macpherson in there?

oh, he definitely gave her the sword and kicked her to the curb.

too bad she is crazy but that’s what happens when you bang broads without proper due diligence…sometimes the shit blows up in your face

and yes, i would also do her…so kudos to Alec for slaying that hot piece of ass

She’s pretty but hardly anything all that special, IMO. Perhaps if she’d let herself be a brunette I’d feel differently, but you can tell that drink and possibly cigarettes are already taking their toll.

true - but he plugged her years ago when she wasn’t past her prime. some, err, most women age like yogurt…sucks for them

Ok, that makes more sense. She does look good in some of her photos, not in others… just like a real woman, I guess. :wink:

I’ve just never been all that into blondes, though. Not that I can’t be attracted to a blonde woman; just that if I am, it’s not because she’s blonde.

Is it just me, or do AF people have a preferences for more substantial women? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Anyway, for Alec Baldwin, the risk/reward is probably not satisfactory here. I’m almost certain that he has banged other women behind his wife’s back, but given the talent that he can attract, I don’t know if this meets the threshold.

we all have our weak moments…and remember, no matter how hot she is, some guy is/was tired of plucking her.

look how many guys have dumped Aniston and Hallie…same old cracker.

Blondes are way funner.