Aleksey Vayner Reported Dead in New York

Poor guy, RIP.

Geez. The guy was a douche, but he didn’t deserve to die.

(I couldn’t help chuckling a little at the comment in the link that said “he will go on to be the world’s greatest casket model.”)

No cause of death listed. Suicide? Mob? Drugs?

Various other articles have alleged drug overdose (although, autopsy results have not been reported, so it’s still up for speculation).

I hope the weight of his internet infamy did not lead him to drug abuse…

I feel bad he died, but he definitely deserved to be made fun of.

Im just seeing his video now and it is RIDICULOUS. How can you think that is good? is it good?

Why would you send a condescending how-to instructional video to somebody you want to hire you? Like they need to know how to achieve success?

I feel bad for him, but anybody who thinks that video resume is a good idea, is not as sharp as they think.

Clearly, he was a pretty messed up guy before the internet fame. I do feel bad about this though, such a young age to die at.