Algorothmic Tradin: Urgency vs Cost

Is Algprithmic Trading is only for non-urgent trades? I remember reading in CFAI books that even large size trades can be execute through algorithmic trading quickly with little price impact.

You can use algorothmic trades for urgent trades, i.e. implementation shortfall strategy. Not sure on the large size trades, usually if it is a high percentage of daily volume they suggest using a broker.

I think you can. Look at problems 17&18 in CFA book

Well, I don’t have the courage to deal with CFAI questions. I don’t want to have a nervous breakdown

Yeah, I still have to review that “crap”, yes it is crap.

Did we ever come to a conclusion if for large trading volume we can use an algorothmic trading transaction or is it best with a broker? If so which one.

large trading volume as a % of total volume is a broker according to CFA’s end of chapter questions.