All Cash Portfolios

I remember late last year and earlier this year lots of forum posters were going to or had been close to if not all in cash in their portfolios, some since early 2008. I stuck to my guns and hold almost all stocks throughout the entire last two years, for numerous reasons. My question now though is to all those that had been all cash or close to all cash (and yes there are lots of you out there) did you miss the rally, did you catch a bottom in March or April , slowing going to equities (since when), or waiting to the market goes lower which I agree may happen. I think there was one poster in particular that was the most bearish, I thought it was CFALouisville or something like that… I may be wrong I don’t want to throw him under the bus.

i was a superbear, missed the first 20-30% up. made back the difference by taking on ‘heavy risk’ (small caps with good balance sheets) lately.

I was 100% cash in sep (not because I saw the bear coming, but because I didn’t know what to do). Was 90% equities in October, rode equities thru the trough and sold out in June. I thought I was selling near the peak. I really don’t regret missing the last few months because I see a correction. I guess I should have hedged against a downfall using put options, but frankly, I was not keen on holding he securities I owned any longer. The valuations did not seem reasonable. The run up since June seems ridiculous.

Louisvillegrad went short at the worst possible time. I remember his posts from March. I guess he stopped posting because he’s working double shifts to cover his margin calls.

Haha yea it was Louisvillegrad, guy was blasting everything.