All Level CBT content communication?

CBT exams will now be held over approx. 10 days
Scenario1 : they keep the same exam over 10 days and communication between candidates occur… this is unavoidable between colleagues, friends etc.
Scenario2 : exam content changes every day and candidates are not assessed on similar basis

I’m sure this has been raised but I couldn’t find the discussion, apologies and redirect me if it’s the case :slight_smile:

Any info from CFAI regarding this aspect ?
Any idea how this will be handled ?

I am really curious and I must not be the only one

Typically, exam providers have a huge number of exam questions prepared for the seating, and the candidates are randomly given a subset of the total number of questions. So, for example, they have 10,000 questions ready (this is an example, nobody other than the exam makers know how many questions there are), and they will test you on 88 of them. They use statistical methods to ensure everyone has a more or less equal experience in terms of exam difficulty during the same exam period.
It should be noted that sharing, or even discussing exam questions is a violation of CFAI policies and violators caught will be penalized severely, at CFAI’s discression.

Interesting, is it an info received from CFAI? or a more general approach of this exam type?

If it’s how it works, I hope they’ll have a high number of questions because nobody can monitor a discussion of two colleague around a coffee…

I’m not totally convinced by the equality of treatment if two people receive different questions but let’s see then

I know this is true for actuarial examinations. I have no reason to believe it is all that different for CFA exams. There was actually a paper from the SOA (or was it CAS?) discussing the statistical approach in detail, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.