All study recommended sources and feedback welcomed!

Thank you all so much for your insightful feedback. Today alone I have learned about a great site on Investopedia and a free 49 question ethics exam directly from CFAI website. Any other suggestions are welcomed during this final month of review and preparation.

Where did you get the 49 Ethics CFAI questions from?

Free Ethics Exam, 49 questions: Just Need to Register!

Do you get immediate feedback? Guess it doesn’t really matter though cause i’ll take it either way

you get immediate feedback but it doesnt tell you the right answer…one of my coworkers found it…greatest thing ever!

What score you guys got??

41/49, get in! 84% Thanks for posting that, was very useful. :slight_smile:

82%! :smiley: Gotta read up the handbook again… Thanks very much for sharing this with us!


These are mostly common sense. I got 41/49 and I’ve never read the handbook or looked at any of the CFA material.