All the best everybody- CRACK L2 . You will do it


I know many people here hate me but still i have spent a lot of time of my life with them here .

From my side best wishes to all especially googleboy . Dude i hope you pass ,may god bless you with more happiness

YOu all can do it its just 1 good day , 1 good fight

You can do this

Lets hope all of us can be cheerful on coming sunday after the exam


May god give me the strength to cross the line .Nothing happens against his will


and I wish the very Best to you too

BTW … if I am the prime reason why you quit this forum … i promise not to react to you henceforth

This forum is a great resource for preps … and i dont want anyone to miss it because of me … Lets call it quits

This forum has brightest and hardowrking people so yeah one of best CFA prep places

I am always at peace cheeky

Best of luck googleboy

Chance favors the prepared mind.

Kamino … Level 3 padho :slight_smile:

google bhai if i pass then u will have to refer me for a job hehehe wink

You almost had my job post the Level 1 results … when my colleagues (all CFA program candidates at various levels and passive AF members) …suggested to my boss to fire me and hire you given your performance … I saved my job by promising to work harder for Level 2 smiley

All the best everyone.

we got this Vicky. thanks all for the help. hope we all make it to the other side (picture the scene from Armageddon when Bruce Willis throws himself out onto the asteroid lol).

Best of luck everybody , hope we will see each other in L3 forum in a few months

Yeah we need to just pray now god must help us that day

haha no google bhai i dont want you r job. I wanna work with u . I like making friends with people who initially somehow i dotn get along, Those normally become friends of a lifetime smiley