All your dollars are belong to us... American money no good…

One of the best thread titles ever

Somebody set us up the Euro!!!

chrismaths Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > he-america-premium-this-could-hurt/ > > American money no good… they forgot to mention that that spread has come in significantly.

english are no good

topher Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > english are no good So I take it you don’t know the gag. Just google “All your bases are belong to us” or “Someone set us up the bomb”. It would probably be on youtube as well.

I just went to my HR and told them that I want to be paid in Euros.

Launch all TSLF

When an i-bank files a 10k saying it has an $80 book value then collapses less than a few months later to $2… you gotta start wondering about counterparty risk and how you measure it. If not the certified audited 10k filed with the SEC then what? Rumors?