Allen app vs Schweser Qbank: opinions?

I am considering purchasing either Allen’s question bank app or Schweser’s Qbank. Does anyone in the readership have an opinion of both? or experience with one?

Stay away from Allen. Their questions seem extremely outdated. Unless you’re really curious about pre-2005 GIPS or something, I think Schweser is much better.

Also, CFAI End of Chapter Questions and mocks in general are usually more helpful than Qbank.

I haven’t started using QBank, but all my friends have used it and been successful. Also the bank is HUGE.

Yeah the Qbank is huge, but there’s a lot less advanced questions than you might expect. I spent a few weeks doing that, but in all honesty I only did about as many questions as there are EOC’s, so I probably would have been better off just sticking with them (since I never did them before).

So qbank would be good if you run out of practice questions in your printed material, but isn’t necessarily worth the ~$300 or whatever it costs. That said I’ll still use it on the next exam…

Thanks for your input. I appreciate the knowledge of the readership.