Allen CFA iPhone App

Hi guys just thought I’d share this with you. There’s a CFA Level II App for the Iphone which is essentially a basic question bank. I’ve just downloaded the thing and it’s not bad (though a little pricey) and I’ve found a great way of brushing up on the basics on the go! Hope it helps some of you fit some bits and bobs into your quiet moments.

Has anyone else downloaded and used this so far? What do you think of it?

Does any one know of one (Level II) for the BlackBerry. I’ve searched but could not find…then again if it’s not easy to find…how useful would it really be.

can you purchase this separately and how much is it?

Yes and its about $50. But has anyone ever used it before? at least for level 1?

Like I said for Level II it seems pretty good. No it will never replace EOCQ or Schweser practice exam books but it’s not designed to. It’s designed to firm the concepts and equations in your mind as you go along. For example I managed to nab 20 odd questions on Equity during odd hours in work yesterday and make quick notes of my mistakes. To me that’s invaluable…

is there a workaround to get the same app using the same login?

@Unilever - how much is the iPhone app?

asg Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > @Unilever - how much is the iPhone app? NM - I found it.

I would totally buy that! too bad I have a blackberry. I wonder if I could write off an iPhone as a study device? hmm…