Allen L2 Testbank for iPad?

Afternoon all,

Does anyone have any experience with this app from Allen, it seems to tick all the boxes except I can’t testify to the quality of the content which is obviously the main point of any prep material.

Thanks for any advice.

I used their L1 app a couple years ago. Well, I didnt so much “use” it as much as laugh at the horrendous and often incorrect questions. Really, it was embaressingly bad.

I use 7City now and they are flat out awesome. You can access their “portal” - videos, questions, text, etc. with an ipad but you need an internet connection. You can pay a little extra and they give you a pre-loaded Asus tablet with everything on it - all of the videos and questions - so you can access without wifi.

Also, I tested out the Stalla app, which seemed very good, but it only had the ethics questions when I tested it.

Cheers Yodacaia,

I guess it always comes down to getting what one pays for and at £36 my thought was that the content would be sh!t.


I have used Allen L2 iPad app and it worked fine for me … I have used it as a side app after finishing my studies, for revision mostly. It was ok, not bad, but since I had the main materials alongside me, it maybe felt sufficient (and at times incorrect, as Yodacia pointed out above).

I know there are a lot of apps out there that provide (shorten) materials and prep questions. But, the main thing that really helped me was TimePrep time management app for CFA exam. It let’s me organize my time perfectly - I know if I have enough time, if I’ll make it or not on time, it tracks my progress. I always know “where I am” in terms of progress.

If you also have iPad, it syncs with your local calendar and your study plans are always available and known to you. Maybe, you should also check it out - … On the side note, it also has some great advice and tips for studying on their blog posts … obviously, they are written by the CFA Chartholders giving back to the Community. So, yeah, material apps are fine, but I think they are sufficient and not really neccessary since all of us have our books and materials already. The main thing is how can apps help us and make us more efficient.

^ Agree with the points regarding efficiency, having just completed L1 and ony four months until L2 I need to be as effective as possible with my studies.