Allen reosurces

Has anybody used material from Allen resources? Thanks…

I believe this question has been asked many many times on this site. However, I don’t think it was actually answered…or if answered, that the answer was any good. The concensus is to use Stalla or Schweiser, plus…you get what you pay for.

I used both the Allen 2008 L1 and Schweser 2008 L1 and did a majority of the questions in each qbank. Allen questions are more difficult and more like the real exam, but their notes are terrible and will guarantee a fail if you rely on them–Use Schweser notes. That said, what really put me over the top on passing was doing the Schweser book 6 exams and really spending a lot of time on each q I got wrong. Do as many practice questions as possible. As Joe Stalin said, quantity has a quality in itself.