Allen Resources... no money upfront? hmmmm

Has anyone used Allen Resources for level 3? I’m thinking of using them this year since they have this CFA Waiver - you don’t pay for any materials until you pass!!! If you used them before what did you or didn’t you like? Help, I appreciate your input.

i used em for level 1 and thought their material was a joke. they sent me two “phone book sized” binders and ALL of their sample questions are electronic. i switched over to Schweser and prefer the workbook method.

Never actually posted anything on this site, but I feel I need to respond to this one…I used Allen Resources for L1 and the material was terrible. I think they put their books together at Kinko’s - the topics are too high-level and the Q bank was not user friendly. You get what you pay for and I think Schweser notes were only a couple hundred dollars more. Also - They guarantee only provides you with PDF notes after you fail (unless they have changed their policy).

ifyawana pass and you are strapped for cash just get the Schweser notes for $350. That will be better than crappy notes.

I used Allen for L1 and thought it was ok. Switched to Schweser for the other levels as it seemed the cool thing to do.

even stalla is not bad

I got the free Allen Resources ‘trial’ package for L1 back in 2005. I thought the videos were ok–the stats guy was really good at explaining concepts (Connor Fullencamp sp?). They dont’ specifically address LOS however, so I think people that can’t (or don’t want to) make connections between concepts and required LOS will not appreciate the package. That said, I still wave the Schweser flag. Actually Schweser combined with official curriculum (best way to go). If you want to save money, just get last year’s Schweser notes.

i loved L1 allenresources stuff .didnt use schweser for L1. allen was horrible for L2.didnt buy allen for L3

thanks guys!! I really appreciate it! I did Stalla all the way through but choked on Level 3 with them, they were not that great… I guess I better switch to Schweser, I would rather pay a bit more and pass than save few hundred bucks and fail. Wow I never thought I would switch to Schweser from Stalla but weirder things have happened…lol. Good luck to you all waiting for results!

Hey Iwona! I was surprised to see you started a thread on here. I also think Schweser’s the way to go. Schweser + CFAI books (end-of-chapter questions at a minimum). Then again, I might be biased because I’ve used Schweser for the past 4 years. I don’t know much about Allen Resources except that when you go to youtube and search for “CFA Exam” (don’t ask me why I ever did this…maybe I’m a dork), there are a bunch of videos posted by them. I never really watched more than a couple mins of the videos but they seemed pretty low-budget compared to Schweser. I guess that’s not surprising since they’re posting their videos onto youtube instead of selling them…

The answer for study notes is: 1) Schweser - usually the best in terms of materials and practice tests 2) Stalla - Peter Olinto is your guy for understanding FSA.

I thought this years schweser am exam papers were a great at preparing me for the actual exam questions. We will see on Tuesday if it was enough.

Just so you all know… if you’re cash strapped, you need not let that stymie your plans. Not that I would officially or personally recommend it, but there are a number of folks out there who will supply you with up to date materials from schweser for 20-30usd. A little searching and you’ll find them.

hey dongjohnson how are you>>>>??? Are you ready to rumble on tuesday? You will be fine!!! So considering that you pass can I have your Schweser? Call me… Wow now I wish that I didn’t skip 2009 now, maybe i would have been done… but there is no way I would have done it! No time. This time around I’m starting September 1st. I’m reading all CFAI material and doing all end of chapter questions and Schweser. Let me know how you are doing… Y