Allen Resources study notes quality

They have their study notes for $100 today (normally $325). Has anyone used them for level 3 that can shed any light on whether they are good or not? I have the 2010 Schweser notes and was thinking of getting Stalla for this year, but if allen resources does a good job I might get this.

To begin the lay out of the LOS from Allenresources is somewhat different from that of the CFA since they change around the wording. There is also no numbering so you can never tie back thier los with that of the CFA. Combine that with the first point you can expect some difficulty in determing whether you are looking at the right LOS. Additionally the quality is not good.

I just dropped the $100, I figured what the hell, that’s a pretty good price. I dont have the CFAI curriculum to compare to. I’m still going with Stalla once I ramp up in January, but I figured these and the Schweser Secret Sauce for 2010 would be good enough for a first reading. I also got their TestBank for a $100 too. I’ll try to comment more as I dive into them.

They might be good for review. There seems to be too little “meat” in them. On the other hand, AR hire professional instructors for their videos. So two thumbs up for video “notes.” Those are certainly like real lectures unlike script-reading Schweser’s. Despite their no-pass-no-pay policy, I used some very very old AR notes from a friend, and only as a back up, when I would get stuck for some reason. At the same time, I know one person who passed all the levels at first attempt using purely AR. So, I guess, it depends.

jlive, does it tell you how many questions come with the testbank? anyone have any idea how good the AR testbank is compared to the Qbank from schweser? thx