Alm or trading?

Hi guys,

i’d like to ask for some advice. I’ve recently graduated from finance masters and started to work at the alm department of a commercial bank. Unfortunately upon graduation I was a bit lost, I didn’t really know what I would like to do. At the moment I’m bit unsure whether this position suits me the most. My ultimate goal would be to work on portfolio management (fixed income). What do you think, is it a viable career path from ALM? I am thinking on moving to a trader position, do you think it would be more useful for my ultimate goal? In general out of this two, which looks better in the CV, where could I learn more?

ALM is a niche for sure, but translates pretty well to FI. Since FI is your end goal, working through ALM and making moves toward hedging and PM is a solid career path.

Starting in trading may be a more traditional career path, but being well-versed in ALM translates well to FI.