Almost Showtime

How is everyone feeling with the results right around the corner?

About the CAIA pretty good, but I swear if I fail this thing a second time, I’m going to go 127 Hours on my arm. I just want a comma and some letters after my name! CFA, is gonna have to wait 3 more years til I have the experience.

I feel good — my guess is a PASS. That being said, I will be floored if I have to pick up the books and prepare for this exam again. Nightmare!

miss cleo good luck on ur exam since ur studying ur cfa ur obviously busy. need some help with the caia level 2 matter. hit me up if you can.

SuperCop, I’ll hit you up, but let me wait until after the results are out, so I can hopefully vouch for my strategy for studying actually working.

As stated previously, for me it’s heavily dependent on a lower required passing score I should imagine. I’m not overly confident but I’m hopeful. The thoughts of having to knuckle down again and put more hours into something I’m already quite knowledgeable on is not something I’m relishing. It’s no longer about the learning, it’s about the designation. Best of luck everyone.

4 to the 8 hours left… tick tock…