Alot of "D"s?

Please tell me that someone else noticed that there were like 7 “D” answers in a row near the beginning of the morning section? I hope my saying that isn’t a breach of some kind.

hmmmmm not that i recall? i remember there being a row of c’s towards the middle?

yeah i got that too !

damn, i must be wrong then =(

Or we are…

actually a lot of A’s lol

I had alot of e’s, haha

damn robb, you musta been dancing non-stop…

I had a lot of D’s. actually I noticed a lot of strings of the same answers. (3 or 4 C’s, B’s in a row).

I had 5 consecutive "D"s on the first column answer sheet of the morning session.

Yes! Me too. That’s what I’m referring to.

Same here… many Ds in the morning session - which I found to be very difficult.

there were a lot of d’s…i remember that very well.

I remember a lot of d’s. I also remember a lot of c’s in the middle of one of the sessions (I hope that not a bad sign.)

no that’s not a bad sign!!! i remember that distinctively too!

i know there were a lot of answers same letter one atfter another… like 4 c’s and then 4-5 D etc. i found the morning session harder than the afternoon

I agree florinpop. Even though I was tired for the afternoon session, it felt less challenging.

I just wrote about that. It was in the first column of the morning. I started to get paranoid about marking D again. In the afternoon in Ethics I had more A’s that maybe every other letter but I didn’t have time to do a thourough analysis of the distribution of the little ovals I selected sorry. I had more trouble with the morning whether it was Ethics or FSA everything took more time in the morning for me.

wouldnt the exams have different codings?

YES I RECAL that too! Form 1010 right?