Alphabet soup, annual dues and professional development requirements

so whats YeeS_Mos stand for?

2 set of letters is a maximum campaign in which someone should engage

“, MBA” shouldn’t go behind your name though…

“2 set of letters is a maximum campaign in which someone should engage” everyone is different…some people like to study. you shouldn’t put limits on them, it’s unamerican.

i meant what does your name mean? dude you prolly should do the ESL next and add that to your name. YeeS_Mos, ESL, CFA, CAIA

Designations are fine for the knowledge… just be selective in the ones you put on your card and resume (or at least just after your name). For example if you see at the top of the resume, “So and so, CFA, MBA, FRM, PRM, CAIA,” you come across as someone who just takes exams for a living. If you see “So and so, CFA” (or whatever designation is most appropriate for your industry), and THEN notice in the body of the resume that there is an MBA, FRM, etc… you are in a stronger position. Subtle difference. Remember that knowledge is useful for its own sake… particularly in a knowledge-industry like investment management.

ok I will do

^ Agree with all of the above. No harm it getting the designations, but one should be tasteful in advertising them.

This guy:

I prepared my resume yesterday and decided to exclude FRM and CAIA entirely. needhelp regarding your question I first tried to not respond to it but actually it was my old CS name:).

Hey The Ali Man, great link on! Thanks.