Already eligible for the Charter

Hey guys, just wanted to know if theres anyone who is already eligible for CFA Charter while studying for the exam. I just think its amazing if you do. I have the required number of years (4 Years) of experience. However, I dont think I am on the right path when it comes to being eligible for the charter as I work in a Financial Back Office, not any specific CFA type of profile.


I was otherwise eligible a couple of years before I passed L3, although they only required 3 years of WE then.

I would rather have all three passes under my belt and waiting for WE than have the WE and no passes.

I think it depends on age. If you are 25, you would probably like to have passed the exams even if you don’t have the work experience. If you are 40 and don’t have the work experience, then you might be in a bit of a spot…

I had a professor in college that had passed all 3 levels, but couldn’t get the charter b/c he didn’t have any applicable experience. He was your typical next to useless, knew nothing unless it was in a textbook, type of professor.

Hated that guy and his class. I’m glad he can’t call himself a CFA.

^ i thought teaching is an applicable work experience.

It is, provided that it relates to investments/PM/etc. This guy taught statistics classes which isn’t applicable enough to qualify.

First off, you’re not eligible for the charter until you fulfill ALL requirements (pass all 3 lvls and 4 yrs of applicable work exp). Being eligible for the charter while studying for the exam is not a possible situation.

Second, you have the required number of years of WE, but if none of them are applicable, then none of them count towards the charter requirement.

Finally, if you don’t think you’re on the right path towards getting the CFA charter, you should be seeking relevant work exp (perhaps the more difficult of the two requirements). Good luck.

I am an institute member (passed Lvl 1 and have enough work experience). Member of the local society also. Waiting on Lvl 2 results now!