Already have Secret Sauce, should I buy Elan's 11th Hour?

Hey everyone,

I have been doing practice exams, almost done with my 4th one, and with only a month to go, I am wondering what summary material will be best. I am scoring in the 70s now, and already have the Secret Sauce. I was going to begin reading it within the next week, but have heard a lot about Elan’s Eleventh Hour.

Should I switch summary tools and purchase Eleventh Hour and just forget about the Secret Sauce I have, or will Secret Sauce suffice?

Any insight will be great. Thanks!!

Given a choice between the two I 'd definitely go for the Eleventh Hour. its better than the Schweser secret sauce and flashcards. But if you have already spent the $99 on the secret sauce I am not sure if you should spend the extra $50 on the Eleventh Hour. Did you check the free sample they have for download here?