Alright, we need some feel good stories

Tell me an example where someone you know passed and they put the least amount of work in and got lucky. I hate reading comments where some guy took a month off of work to study and still didn’t pass for the third time. I know there’s got to be some stories to calm us.

I know one guy who probably did one mock and passed, but he was also a genius so I don’t know how to feel about that one…

I guess there are none…

the amount of information that you need to master, to the detail, makes it practically unrealistical for someone to guarantee they only spent 1 month going through the material and passing just like that

I am glad there are no such stories… I would be mad since I studied my tail off!

I studied 3 weeks. I hope I`m that story. But I need some luck on my side.

you are kidding me? you study for three weeks and on top of that you get distracted by a hot chick next to you? forget it buddy…

^ I studied for 6 months but I would also fall for the latter, lol.

luftwaffle…haha. It’s true. Doesnt matter if you studied six months or 2 weeks. Solid distraction.

In those three weeks I did 300 hours. I did 15 hours a day. Woke up at 5am and studied at home to not waste time. Went to bed at midnight. I got thru most everything but started getting overwhelmed and confused at times. But I still think I have a good chance of passing.

Also I’m an actuary. Quant, FI, econ and some of derivatives was stuff I knew. Quant and Econ on the exam, I think I got perfect. Other sections killed me. Portfolio, Alternative and corporate. FRA was good as well but maybe i got tricked. I dont have background in that.

I know a girl who failed L2-Band 2, then passed the next year with only doing one mock the day before the exam and scoring 20% on it. She is actually very briliiant, but I was jealous as hell.

^needed that story lol.

is that even possible ???

Getting distracted by a hot chick depends on the level of testerone, not no. of study hours lol

I know someone (smartest person I know) who at the time worked in equity research and was working insane hours, studied for level 1 hardcore for two weeks and passed, did the same for level 2 and passed, however for level 3 her luck wore out and she had to retake it, however she did pass on her second attempt at level 3. So there is hope.

I heard of this one person in Cali who won the powerball, and then shortly later foudn the love of his life, a gorgeous blond. So therefore, you should all quit your jobs and put all your savings into the lottery.

I’ve talked to a few different people who studied hard for level II and thought they failed when they walked out of the exam only to receive a passing score. Hard to know where that line is though.

How about this: I studied my ass off for 8 months (retaker here, Band 9 last year). Besides Ethics I crushed it. Honestly feel I got 90+ on AM, maybe 80-85 on PM. If you are envious of people who got lucky by only studying for a couple weeks and feel you can replicate that, you are in the wrong line of work. The only true way to pass the exam is to work. Period.

She said she knew the formulae very well, and she actually is brilliant, so I give her the benefit of the doubt.

I doubt it now even more…Both these points have little role in passing CFA Exams … you have to know the cirriculum and formulae arre just part of it … FRA & Equity doesnt rely only on formula – they rely on concepts… everybody knew Portfolio formulas but it seems everybody is complaining for it …

My colleague literally open the package from CFAI only two weeks before the exam for Level 1. He passed with >70% on all topics by studying at home for two weeks.

2 of my friends did that for CFA 1 … for CFA 2 its vry very very difficult