Alt Inv and PM

Hi guys

How difficult are these two? I found PM in L1 easy and Alt Inv was alright.

I found alternative investments easier than L1 ( may be coz now i have a better hold of basics ). Pm was on a similar level like L1.

What about Eco and Quant? For L 1 it was someweher between medium to tough for me.

Quant is a bit different from L1. While in L1 quant seemed to me a bit all over the place in L2 it is basically all about interpretation of statistical data.

Eco is also a bit narrower in L2, because it only covers those points of eco, that go directly into valuations / returns.

*Note: narrower does not imply easier :slight_smile:

It’s not that difficult. You just need some time and you should be fine.

I was thinking of just spending the last two weeks actually going over this material (along with ethics). Is this a good strategy?

I think I am spending the next two weeks focusing 50% effort into my two weakest topics (Quant and Derivatives) / 50% into maintenance and review of the other 8 topics, including doing more mocks.

Final two weeks will be slightly more even focus on all 10 topics, but with slightly more attention to the highest weighted topics to make sure I don’t leave anything on the table there. Will probably spend the last week doing a ton of FRA practice in addition to go into test day strong there

Sounds good.